Andrzej Kramarz

Vessels   (2017)

The Roman philosopher, Pliny the Elder coined the proverb, “Home is where the heart is.” Where really is the heart? Where is the mind? Are they fixed states of being?

We drag our bodies across borders, between cultures, through illness, pain, even body modifications, change uniforms, augment beauty. We go wherever we must, not because we’re bored, but because we believe our hopes can be realized somewhere "out there." The destination could be wherever or whenever -- a better place -- the right environment for mind or livelihood.

While we hardly know our own bodies and minds, we have a tendency to think we can know other people. We believe that we can read facial expression, body language, and through that we can know what people feel, even think.

The series, Vessels doesn’t reveal a person's relationship with self, whether a body might be a home or a prison to an individual. It doesn’t reveal nationality or social status. It anonymously reveals the beauty of the living container in its state of ceaseless transition.